We always begin with a Social Media and Internet Presence Audit which basically looks at where you are now in the giant world of Social Media and the Internet.  We analyze your Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, etc. using very modern analytics to show how you stack up against the competition.  

We also look at your website on desktop and mobile platforms to ensure the best user interface for your potential customers.

GAP Analysis

Based on the results from your Audit, we will then sit down with you and understand your current business performance and where you would like to get.  Based on the gap identified, we can then match you with the right services needed to reach your business goals.

At this point, we are ready to begin increasing your Social Media and Internet presence!  We use an array of low cost advertising tools that allow us to extend the reach of your business to your targeted audience which will be based on your current customer base.  To name a few:  Facebook business page, Facebook paid advertising, Email list generation, expansion and management, etc.

These services will allow us to put you at the fore front of other competitors in your local area allowing you to attract more customers and retain them.

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